Carbon Fabrics

Special weaving patterns and exceptional features of the source carbon fiber provide fabric of UMATEX Group with optimum properties in specific applications.



Carbon fabrics are high-tech textiles that show superior properties.

Carbon fabrics of UMATEX Group feature high tensile strength and resistance to the majority of chemically aggressive substances.

Carbon fabrics of UMATEX Group allow to achieve excellent mechanical performance in plastics and create intricate shapes.

UMT-based fabrics are good for reinforcement of various surfaces and production of high-strength plastics. Applications include:

Unidirectional fabrics

Unidirectional carbon tapes are carbon fabric with at least 85% of the filaments arranged in the same direction. Thin glass, aramid, or hot melt fibers are used as weft (cross fibers). This structure supports the high tensile strength of the carbon tape and makes it a relevant material in demand for construction and many other applications.

Strongest in one direction

Bidirectional fabrics

Bidirectional carbon fabrics are made with fibers arranged at 0 and 90 degrees. These fabrics show their highest strength in two directions. Bidirectional carbon fabrics can have various weaving patterns, twill and plain among them being our primary focus.

Strongest in two directions

Specifications of bidirectional fabrics

Style Weight, g/sqm Weave Warp Weft Warp / Weft, yarn/cm Weight ratio Resin Compatibility TDS, pdf
UWB-200-3K-Twill2/2-100 200 Twill 2 / 2 UMT 40-3K-EP UMT 40-3K-EP 53 / 53 50 / 50 Epoxy Download
UWB-600-12K-Twill2/2-100 600 Twill 2 / 2 UMT 45-12K-EP UMT 45-12K-EP 38 / 38 50 / 50 Epoxy Download

Multiaxial fabrics

Multiaxial fabrics are textile materials made of several layers of high-strength composite fibers stitched together with thin threads. Multiaxial fabric can be carbon, glass, basalt, and hybrid according to the source fibers.

Strongest in several directions

Decorative fabrics

Decorative fabrics have extraordinary patterns and fancy figures on their surface due to intricate weaving.

Visually attractive