Investment company


COMPOSITE INVEST LLC is a joint venture of Rosatom State Corporation and Rusnano State Corporation.

The company makes joint strategic investments in projects related to the development, production and export of composite materials used in such applications as

  • Transportation (automotive, trucks and buses)
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Power & Utilities (incl. renewables)
  • Consumer goods (incl. sports & leisure)
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Other industries fabricating and using products based on composites

Rosatom State Corporation is a global technology leader, a diversified holding company that agglomerates assets in energy, machine-building and construction industries. It is rated among Russia’s largest ten companies.

RUSNANO effects the governmental policy aimed at the development of nanotech industry. It acts as a co-investor in nanotech projects, which offer a significant economic and social potential.


UMATEX Rosatom

Advanced Materials and Technologies Division of Rosatom State Corporation. Russia’s largest producer of composites based on carbon fibre. It is a vertically integrated entity that comprises 10 companies, an R&D centre and trading houses in Europe and Asia.


Promotes the implementation of governmental policy for the development of nanotech industry, by investing, directly or through investment funds, in high-tech projects that set up new manufacturing capacities in Russia. It is one of the leading players of the renewable energy industry in Russia.

Investment Activity

Investment Focus

— Mature companies with consistently high revenues and margins

— Companies with high potential for business growth and production scaling

— Young ambitious companies and projects with great prospects

— Projects with potential synergy with Umatex Rosatom and Rusnano businesses

Investment Approach

— M&A and Joint ventures

— Equity and debt investments

— Preference to cash-in deals

— Possible deal structures:

    1. Minority stake (25%+1) with an option to increase it to majority

    2. Majority stake (51-75%) with retention of founding shareholder.


Alexey Dremuchev

Director General


Moscow, Russian Federation
Bldg. 13, 42 Volgogradskiy prospekt