State-of-the-art production of carbon fabrics


The company produces an assortment of technical fabrics and prepregs based on carbon/glass/aramid fibre, to be used in shipbuilding, aircraft engineering, construction and other industries.

Carbon fibre cloths, multiaxial fabrics and prepregs used within composites are extraordinarily lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant. Prepreg-Kaluga deploys cutting-edge equipment that meets applicable international standards. As its competitive advantages the company leverages European-standard quality, low energy costs and highly qualified personnel. These ingredients of success help it to compete on equal terms both in the Russian and global markets.


Alexey Semenyaka

Executive Director

Contacts of Prepreg-Kaluga

Armeiskaya 39, Koryakovo, Borovskiy district, Kaluga region, 249022