UMATEX Research and Development

The R&D Centre located in Technopolis Moscow was established in 2013.


The R&D Centre is one of global leaders in the research and development of technology for producing PAN-precursor carbon fibre and carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites.

Apart from the development of proprietary know-how, the UMATEX R&D Centre offers services and carries out research for the Company’s customers. The Centre considers granting its future partners access to pilot installations and analytical equipment for joint experimental activities.

Uniqueness and Mission of the Centre

Uniqueness of the Centre:
  • Complete process chain ranging from polyacrylonitrile synthesis to the production of carbon fibre and carbon fibre composites.
  • Elaborate system of instrument and techniques enabling a wide-range research in every phase of carbon fibre and carbon composite production process.
  • Highly qualified staff with an excellent record of successful delivery of research projects and integration of new solutions at the Company’s production facilities.
Main objectives of the Carbon Fibre business line:
  • Synthesis of acrylonitrile copolymers with predefined molecular weight and rheological behaviour.
  • Research and development of technology to produce PAN precursor and derivative carbon fibre with enhanced strength and stress-strain performance.
  • Study of processes for surface treatment of carbon fibre.
  • Design of state-of the-art sizing formulations, which are compatible with various polymer resins.
  • Increasing operating efficiency of the UMATEX production facilities by integrating new technology.
Main objectives of the Composite Materials business line:
  • Development of formulations and technology for the production of thermoset and thermoplastic polymer resins with required rheological behaviour, stress/strain and thermal properties, for various applications.
  • Design of prepregs based on carbon fibrous material with required properties, to be used in aerospace and automotive industries, wind energy generation, shipbuilding, sport and leisure activities, and design.
  • Development of technology to fabricate structural elements and parts from polymer composites based on carbon fibre.
  • Testing polymer matrices and composite materials.

Contacts R&D UMATEX

109316, Moscow, Volgograd Ave., 42, building 13