UMATEX Group makes prepregs by impregnating UMT carbon fibers or UMT-based fabrics with thermoset binder.



Prepregs made of UMT carbon fibers and binding polymer feature high strength and reduce the weight of end products.

UMT carbon fiber is a strong, elastic, and lightweight high-tech material made of polyacrylonitrile fiber.

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Prepregs are most widely used in aircraft engineering. Other applications include:

Resin system properties

Style Curing temperature Operating temperature, up to Gel time, °C, minutes Tg dry (DMA 5°/min), minimum Tg wet (DMA, 5°/min), minimum Density (cured) Pot life at room t, minimum
ACM-102 130° 100°C 110°С, 60÷120 min. 145°C 115°C 1.20÷1.22 g/cm3 45 days
ACM-1412 180°C 120°C (short-time exposure: up to 150°C) 160°С, 45 min. 180°C 155°C 1.21÷1.23 g/cm3 25 days
ACM-1208 125°C 90°C 120°С, 8÷12 min. 120°C 1.19÷1.21 g/cm3 30 days
ACM-1216 130°C 70°C 130°C, 150 min 134°C 1.19–1.21 g/cm3 30 days
ACM-1218 130-150°C 100°C 100°С, 12÷14 min. 130°C 1.19÷1.21 g/cm3 30 days

Plastics properties

Style Compression strength 00 σ11-, MPa/GPa Tensile strength 00 σ11+, MPa/GPa Shear strength τ13, MPa
АСМ102-С200UD 1300/135 2200/150 104
АСМ102-С200T 785/65 1014/75 80
АСМ1412-С200UD 1300/130 2350/155 120
АСМ1412-С200T 780/72 950/85 80
АСМ1208-С370T 800/70 1100/75 75
АСМ1218-С200T 700/70 1100/75 80

Prepregs are differentiated by purpose: aircraft, construction, decorative, tooling, fast curing.

Physical and chemical properties of prepregs are determined by both source fiber properties and bonding matrix properties.

UMATEX Group uses different types of bonding matrices for making of prepregs to produce materials with the optimal performance depending on the purpose.