Carbon and Composite Materials Plant (C&CMP LLC)

A major manufacturer of carbon fibre reinforced composites, fibrous composites, heat-insulating composite materials.


The plant boasts unique equipment and technology, well-proven serial production of carbon fibre and derivative materials for strategic industries.

The main objective of the plant is to become one of key centres of the modern production and technology of carbon fibre, carbon-fibrous composites and other derivative composite materials in Russia.

The Carbon Composite Materials Plant was established as a standalone facility on 9 November 2006, when it left the structure of the Chelyabinsk Electrode Plant JSC (now known as EPM-ChEZ) as a plant producing carbon fibre, carbon-fibrous composites and carbon-to-carbon composite materials.

C&CMP Advantages:

  • Highly qualified personnel with a vast working experience in the production of carbon fibre composites.
  • Beneficial location of the plant. C&CMP LLC is based in the Ural region, an industrially and scientifically advanced area, which helps to efficiently develop innovative technology and equipment, and introduce them promptly into industrial applications.
  • Availability of many secondary and higher educational institutions in Chelyabinsk, which makes it possible to staff the plant with skilled professionals specialising in the production of carbon graphite and carbon fibre reinforced composites.
  • Unique technology and equipment that enable the full-cycle production ranging from carbon fibre reinforcement to carbon fire composites.
  • The proficiency of the management and well-established production management system help to promptly and efficiently respond to changes in the market of carbon fibre reinforced composites, with timely variation of the assortment and output of the products.


C&CMP LLC manufactures the following products:

UTM-1 heat-insulating carbon fibrous material

Low-density carbon/carbon composite material designed for thermal insulation of high-temperature application equipment.

Discontinuous carbon fibre

Fine-cut, milled or chopped fibre used as a reinforcement in carbon/carbon, ceramic and polymer composites.

Carbon fibre reinforced graphite composite

New carbon-fibrous graphite composite material. It is used as a general-purpose structural material, being an enhanced counterpart of MPG-6,7,8 high-density graphites.

Carbon/carbon structural composite with a woven orthogonal structure composed of carbon fibre and pyrocarbon matrix.

This material is a 3D-reinforced carbon/carbon composite. It has enhanced ablative, stress/strain and heat-transfer properties.

High-modulus UMT carbon fibres

High-modulus UMT400, UMT430 and UMT530 carbon fibres offer high strength and high elastic modulus, which makes them good choice in the production of critical machinery components and top-class sports gear.


Sergey Zorin

Executive Director

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